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For the Parents

The partnership between school and home is crucial for the success of our students. Regular, informative, forthright communication between teachers and parents provides the strong support that children and teenagers require for their overall growth and development. This support extends beyond academics, encompassing emotional, spiritual, and behavioral aspects as well. Therefore, building robust and healthy relationships within our school community is a top priority for us.


Currently, we have an established parent-teacher organization....

 Effective communication is maintained between the school and home through emails, phone calls, and newsletters that parents regularly receive from teachers. Additionally, parents are invited to attend an Open House Meeting at the start of each school year, a teacher/parent conference each semester and additional meetings with teachers or administration if the need arises. Parent requests for meetings with staff are always welcomed and accommodated. Parents are able to view their students' current grades and assignments by accessing their Sycamore account.

Moreover, parents may receive a direct communication from the director, ensuring they stay informed about ongoing and upcoming school activities, events, and important information. 

In addition to these measures, all parents are encouraged to attend monthly family nights where activities are provided for all members of the family including bounce houses, field sports, steam activities, movies, and food in a more casual setting where relationships can be built between school staff and families in a less formal setting.  Our annually scheduled International Fair Night and Science Project Day showcase student learning for student parents and siblings.

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Safety First

The safety of our students and staff is of utmost importance to us.  We conduct fire, lock down and shelter in place drills according to local and international guidelines.

We have high definition cameras recording all events and activities on campus.  As well as security guard coverage 24 hours daily, 7 days a week.  Access to the BIS campus is controlled by security at all times.  Student drop off and pick up procedure is controlled by car tags and use of a corresponding app.




Arriving at School

Parents dropping their students off at school should enter the school through the car line gate at southbound W5 between 7:30am and 8:00am.  Parents are encouraged to arrive on time to prevent students from missing instructional time.

There are staff members waiting at the car line to greet students and assist younger elementary students. 

Early Learning and Elementary students can go directly to their classrooms. Middle and High school students are permitted to use outdoor areas for socialization before the start of first period.

Any late arrivals, after 8:00am, must be dropped off at the front gate and students will need to stop at the front office counter to obtain a late pass before proceeding to the classroom.

We highly discourage late arrivals as students miss out on important subject content.

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BIS school uniforms may be purchased at Sasse Uniformes. The store is located in SHCGN 701/711, Bloco B, Store 43, Asa Norte, phone number (61) 3349-1010 or through their website

School uniforms are required at all times during the academic day with the exception of Spirit Weeks, Field Days, or announced specials.  Skirts are permitted only for elementary students.  Shoes should be enclosed toe for safety.


Holidays & Absence

The school calander with scheduled holidays is posted prior to the beginning of the school year.  Parents should make every effort to coincide travel plans with school closings.

Students who will have a planned absence for more than two days should inform their principals and teachers and request classwork in advance.  Students will be expected to make up and submit online or in-person upon their return to school all missed classwork, homework, quizzes and tests.

A parent should call the school nurse to report an absence of a student due to illness or medical appointments.


Schools Menu

The school has on staff a registered dietician and chef to provide healthy well-balanced meals. All food is prepared on campus by our kitchen staff and is of the freshest quality.  Minor adjustments to the menu may be made to accommodate special dietary or religious needs.

Students can eat school lunches with a meal plan or bring their own prepared lunch from home.  Microwaves are available for heating. Menus are posted monthly.

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