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Grading Scale

The following grading scale is used for most classes in Grades 1-12:

A - Excellent

B - Very Good

C - Satisfactory

D - Passing, but improvement needed

F - Failing, Unsatisfactory

For elementary special area classes such as music, art, PE, health, and computer the following grading scale is used. This scale is also used to describe students' academic and social behavior.

O- Outstanding- Student is progressing very well.

S- Satisfactory- Student is progressing at an average pace.

I- Insufficient Improvement- Student has shown little improvement.

N- Not Improving- Student is not progressing or improving. Adjustments need to be made.

Students in Preschool 3, Preschool 4, and Kindergarten have a separate grading scale based on how well they are meeting the expectations and standards for their subject areas. The following symbols explain how the student is progressing:

EE- The student is exceeding normal expectations and demonstrates a clear understanding of the material.

DE- The student is developing as expected, demonstrating increased independence and mastery of material.

BD- The student is beginning to understand the material and is developing the necessary skills.

ND- The student is not developing as expected. He/she struggles with the basic concepts and skills.

NT- This area has not yet been taught.

Brasilia International School will use the grading scale and GPA point scale below. Honors classes will be on a 4.5 scale and AP classes will be on a 5.0 scale.

A+ 100-99 4.0 A 98-95 4.0 A- 94-93 3.67

B+ 92-91 3.33 B 90-85 3.0 B- 84-83 2.67

C+ 82-81 2.33 C 80-75 2.0 C- 74-73 1.67

D+ 72-71 1.33 D 70-67 1.0 D- 66-65 0.67

F 64 and below 0

Quarter grades are a percentage grade derived by averaging tests, quizzes, and other grades and converting the percentage to a letter grade or O/S/I/N. The final yearly grade is derived from averaging the four quarters together. Teachers can round up grades. For example, if a student earns an 88.7, the grade can be rounded up to an 89. If a student earns a 96.2 the grade would not be rounded up. It would remain a 96.

For Secondary Students, Semester grades are calculated by each quarter weighing 45% and the Semester Exam weighing 10%. Final Grades are an average of the two Semester Averages.

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